Bild aus der United States Kongress Bibliothek all started with Samuel Morse. A long and a short line on paper stripe, transmitted by a wire connection, enabled the electrically transmission of information. The invention of wireless radio transmission of sound signals, enabled telecommunication across continents. The specific arrangeing of short and long sounds resulted in wireless telegraphy, called CW RADIO. This technic is still beeing used up to this day. Even in this century of satellite connections, morse signals are beeing sent around the earth.Soon enthusiastic hobby radio operators began to use this technic.The amateur radio came into existence and grew to a worldwide international community. The different arrangeing short and long sounds, in relation to the single characters of the alphabet, resulted a special sound pattern for each character. Every character became a specific melody. By training their sense of hearing, it became possible for some CW-radio operators, to hear and send many signs per minute. The SOS signal is the mostknown morse signal sign. It consists of three short signals for the letter S and three long signals for the letter O. The sound pattern can simply be simulated. It sounds: DIDIDI DADADA DIDIDI. In conclusion I would like to refer to a special Samuel Morse web page: