Hallo Amateur Radio Friends,

     my Name is Josef Anderl. I was born 1943 in Vienna-Austria. Since my early youth I was very enthusiastic about radio as a means of transferring messages. I built my first transistor radio in the year of 1953. It was a simple diode receiver with a low frequency amplifier circuit. OC71 a germanium transistor was my pride and joy and the ruin to my scantily existing pocket money. Later on, through a Friend of mine, I came in touch with amateur radio and I was fascinated about it. 1961 I reported volunteerly for a longer time in the army, to get a training as a radio operator. There I learned the CW Morse radio operation ( Fernmeldetruppenschule FMTS ). At that time I passed the test as a radio ham. Since then I am QRV. My first radio station ( Heathkit ) I built together with my superior. My first call sign was OE1ALW. Later on I moved to Upper Austria and got the call sign OE5ULL. My second System was a SB104A ( Heathkit ). Now, I am using the transceiver Elecraft K2. My amateur radio hobby has given me much joy up to the very day.